Community Collaboration Specialist

Overview: For funding opportunities that are large in scope affecting a large community population and requiring multiple community partners, hiring a “Community Collaboration Specialist” to coordinate the application process can increase the likelihood of funding. The Specialist does not write the whole grant, as parts are assigned to the various workgroup members, but provides expertise and oversight in the grant writing and submission process.

Contract: The Specialist has a contract with the lead organization and is paid by that organization. Partners in the application can add dollars to the “pool” to pay for the Specialist.

Scope of Work for the Specialist: Working with the lead organization, the Specialist: 1) completes an analysis of the Request for Proposal (RFP) to determine perimeters (including project budget) and partners of the grant, 2) recruits partners, 4) submits the Letter of Intent, 5) invites partners to participate in the grant and provide one or more members to the work group, 6) establishes the timeframe for writing and submitting the grant, 6) attends all workgroup meetings and facilitates discussion and development of the proposal, 7) collects any required Letters of Support from other organizations, 8) assembles the various sections written by other members of the workgroup and edits for consistency, and 9) with approval, submits the final application.

Timeframe: four to six weeks, depending on the RFP

Tasks and Estimated Cost:

Task Hours Per Hr. Total
Analysis of the Request for Proposal 3 $100 $300
Budget- development of project budget 2 $100 $200
Recruits approved partners 1 $100 $100
Submits the Letter of Intent 1 $100 $100
Establishes timeline 2 $100 $200
Workgroup meetings 6 No charge No charge
Collects Letters of Support, as needed 3 $100 $300
Assembles sections and edits for consistency 4 $100 $400
Submits final application 1 $100 $100
Total     $1,700